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Welcome to the RahBlog!

Since I began starting to explore my own art and style in college, I've always struggled with maintaining and actually using my social media ^^; So I tried in the past to use my Instagram as small snapshots of my daily life, and every now and then I find so many good memories cataloged.

When I moved back home I thought one of the things I wanted to do as an artist was to create a book filled with pages of prints, and talking about each piece, honoring the importance I personally have to them, and being able to share that with others.

When I started selling at local art shows, I realized I wanted people who liked my art as much as me to be able to purchase it in a cost effective way- instead of one person paying however much I was taught to value the painting, and holding the work to themselves. I would rather... be touched by the many people who enjoy what I create, than to give one thing I valued so highly away. I want people to enjoy and find something in what I make for myself, in themselves, and love themselves in a way my work has taught me I have to. I know that creating an online shop, online blog, etc., is only a start at where I want my life's work to go.. But I know that now, especially in this COVID battle, online connection has been more important than ever before, and the vanity of the internet leads to a lot of fakeness. I never want to be fake. And I hope that will lead me to genuine people, and I hope to inspire that others genuinely live their lives for the sake of living and experiencing it.

So for now with my blog, I've decided to dedicate time each week to share old works, and what I'm working on, and hopefully this will be a way to keep others up to date on what I'm working on and giving the pieces I love the words I feel they deserve!

It's taken a lot of courage to believe in myself, but now I believe in myself that I can grow further than I ever thought I could! Thank you for reading through all of my first post, and I promise to stay working as smart as I'm working hard!

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