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This collection of work consists of selected student foundational work at Flo-Art,  the big body of  individual work from my time living in Palatka and working in St. Augustine and entering my final semester at Flo, as well as new works. 

"I seek the energy of life, and to turn it into art." 

-Yayoi Kusama




Photo Project March 2022

This new body of work will focus on taking a look at old photos I've collected on my adventures the past couple years, and turning them into something new. 

Spring 2018 Graduate Show

Sarah Hamid Loss Mixed Media 2018 36x48.
Sarah Hamid Ekae Mixed Media 2018 16x20.
Sarah Hamid Andromeda Mixed Media 2018 2
Sarah Hamid Heart Mixed Media 2018 8x10
Alice and eve 01.jpg

Work Samples 2016-2018

Paintings & Figures.jpg
Plein Air.jpg
Women of Self and Charcoal Figures.jpg
Glaze #1.jpg
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