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End of November Updates!

I'll admit it to everyone; I went a bit into a thing and had an un-intentional break after the first live painting party, just to step back and reassess and reaffirm what I'm wanting to do and how to break up my time in order to get there.

I had a minute where I got overwhelmed by looking at my computer; thinking it's a bit much to wrap my head around, and through moving my working spaces around a couple of sketchbooks moved around, too. Right now I'm trying to get my mind back onto projects I'm working on;

I'll be working on a short little blurb about this 2020-2021 Art Market Analytics done by Photoportrayal (You can actually click on the photo and it'll take you right over to their facebook page! Give them a like!)

I'm thinking about making a new design for a new painting class- perhaps putting a little twist on it. I'll let you guys know around December of what I'm thinking! I will be working on coming out with some more digital prints and announcing a giant end of year sale for the works currently on my site, and adding a couple new products to the line.

I'll also be posting a new page to my site of a commissions board with prices included, as well as a section where you can shoot me an e-mail with your ideas.

I'll be continuing on into the weird and frustrating realm of print on demand; It's all a learning progress. I'll have painting commissions of all sorts on there; so stay tuned!

I'm also planning on creating a subscription for those who want to view and support my works and get exclusive access to content, livestreams, and even some products every month! So if you'd love to support my work through a platform like patreon, let me know! And last but not least, if I'm not online working on designs and reworking past art in my free, I'm trying to go for doing one of the things I've always wanted to make : a webcomic/consistent story online. I've made tons on my own as a kid, being influenced by tons of cartoon artists, I've always loved making stories and exploring them. I know for myself going into 2021, this is something I really want to do and work at this year, and exploring and pushing my anatomical skills in new ways and learning to step out of my way in another way. I've got a story idea I'll be putting together in my spare time, if I give any hints on it is that it's going to be an adventure post-apocalyptic sci fi- genre type story with lots of moral elements mixed in. I'm so ready to write the emotional drama and create it out of thin air, being inspired by life events and traumas. I'm excited to try moving into this new process of merging my cartoony drawing style into something digital, mixing my skills with illustrator to make clean, crisp character designs. So I'm real hype!

It's all just working against the depression, babey! Ironically, when I get to physically being able to do the thing, I feel I just bank on being able to do it and make it work and we just start making moves and call it progress. So here we are. Banking on being able to do the thing. But do the thing, we shall! Here's a sneak peek at a little sketch I'm working on for one of my favorite youtubers, Kingdom Ace- though it's more of a fan-art work but I'm out here hoping for a cool collaboration lol.

I really want to see what I can cook up in illustrator and photoshop with this design and see where we go; I had him pointing to his head to represent his theories and the video game lore stored in the noggin, possibly holding a cup or a controller, possibly. I was trying to take his logo and rework it into an actual crown concept for this little avatar. It was a super quick sketch I put together in a couple minutes during a stream, but I'm really excited for working on this project to kind of forge a new method of transitioning between digital and traditional works.

If you guys enjoy Kingdom Hearts at all and are SUPER HELLA CONFUSED as to WHAT is going on in this wild series, check out his channel! His community is super awesome, and if you're a creative nerdy person like me, enjoy games like Kingdom Hearts and Legend of Zelda, check out his community and discord server! Lots of creative people over there doing their own thing. And before I conclude everyone, a huge shining giant THANK YOU to everyone that's been supporting me! I appreciate it more than the world, it makes me wake up and feel motivated; and a special shoutout to EVERYONE who's hit that subscribe button at the bottom of the page and subscribed to the site; I look forward to making more content for you all! I'll be fine-tuning and playing with that aspect; I'm hoping to create a mailing list where I can send out updates and everyone can get a little notification when something was published to the site. So thanks everyone for reminding me I'm doing alright with this process and supporting and encouraging me every day!

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