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That One Time Wix Billed Me, and I Forgot

It happened everyone, my yearly subscription to Wix hit my bank account. I'm grateful and thankful it did so I could find it in me to get on my computer and take a look.

I've had a lot of different creative projects going on in the background of starting my new job and taking care of some newborn kittens.

With my new job comes new sources of inspiration, so I'm making it an aim to keep coming back to the website every week with some form of content! Right now, I'm working on a new line of stoner-esque designs that will be featured under a new section of the site called, "The Pot Shop". I'll have apparel, art prints, and even some hand-made stoner swag coming soon! I'm working on a neat little tool for cartridge fans too! ^^

Besides that, I have been drawing everyday I bring my sketchbook in to work, and it's awesome having the opportunity to doodle and work on projects more. I'm still working on my fiction story which I've yet to figure which story-telling format I want to use. Every day I'm working more on character development and analyzing/planning how character interactions will go and how that will build the story. I might spill a blurb once I have something written that I'll post on here in the future, but for now, it's just a work of fiction.

And with that, I believe that's all for now folks. Stay tuned! - Rah

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