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Holiday Art Sales and Announcements!

This week in retail work I *slaps face* have no idea honestly what I actually did because I'm so tired. I think I worked a closing shift on monday and went into work at 2:30 am approximately, some time after I posted that time lapse video the previous day, and my boss spent the morning telling me she was amazed at it and had to show it to everyone and rewatch it and watch it. I love my work people, they make me feel like I'm in the right place in the right time, cause they inspire me to keep going and like. They don't even know my whole past or anything I accomplished or failed in, and they just let me know what I'm worth and I'm worth more than I think and lawrd. If it wasn't for them I wouldn't have the courage to be here. I have to remind myself, I could have fixed all of my vehicle problems with some inherited funds, but I chose to put it here. Online, commiting myself to myself, one step at a time.

I'm gonna push myself to work hard in the hours after I wake up, especially to create something, some products that the people I know and love can purchase cheaply and get quickly before the holidays. After this, the Rah Release 22.20 Limited Hoodie jacket is goint to be gone, and the design will be taken down. I could use Fallen Angels again as another concept, but to me, stepping into 2021 will mean that Fallen Angels will pass its time to me as a relevent work to express myself. I'm more than one piece now; so I'm going to journey forward into finding that piece again to identify with and express myself with as time moves on, as I grow and change.

So everything will be crazy cheap on amazon coming this weekend where you can be purchasing stuff and getting stuff with my art on it in liKE TWO DAYS, I'm only doing this because as some of you know, I've been having a hard time with managing direct to print services inbetween work 🤦🏾‍♀️ and honestly knowing people love and appreciate my work, I want to make it accessible, affordable and something in time for the holidays.

I've got my car issues and I've had them for a while but now I'm having Financial Car Issues and I'm honestly not sure if I can cover paying what I need to in time with working maximum hours, and trying to rake in extra by commissions. If you like my art and want to support me in any way, please stay tuned for this! I'm going to try making things as dirt cheap as like 3 dollar a profit margin for myself on products so you guys can buy this cool stuff with my work, I really appreciate all the support and honestly...

I realized today they're so important because when I came in, I came in strong but not the best, and I've put so much time and effort into honing my skills in retail, I forgot who I am as an artist, and if it wasn't for them I really wouldn't be in this crazy process of feeling like.. I'm re-realizing myself. It's so weird. Its like double snapping out of depression. Jolting.

I haven't been driving for at least 3 years now and if I can pay all of the legal stuff, get insurance and re-register my car, I'll be back on the road in January and I'll be complying with code enforcement because they only gave me until the 28th to get it done 🥲😅 or my car goes in the garage, but I'll be selling off my engine lift, but I may be also selling that to someone I know because i don't need one right now, I'll sell it only on the condition I can use it for my civic when I do an engine swap.

There will be videos. They're coming guys, cheesy youtube videos labeled, "MECHANIC and ARTIST work on Honda Civic Hatchback", with your support, and my hard labor, I can get there 😁 I can get my life back together and in a direction I want and keep working towards what I want . But I believe and am gonna work hard for this ✌🏾 Peace

(Side note, if you read this far, or scrolled: here's that little video i mentioned)

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