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Progress Tracking- March

General life tracking! Because your girl right here has been a hot mess since 2019.

I would say that the hardest parts of covid-coping didn't hit me when the pandemic begun; I had already been hanging out with people way less and started figuring out... I should be a lot more cautious and aware of my time and where, and who, it's going to.

I'm definitely going to take a chunk of time to talk about my car, as well as the other ideas, projects and things I've got currently slated.

The website has been one of the most somewhat backed up projects to get myself back onto; as well as touching my computer- because I do definitely sometimes more often than not end up not even turning my computer on some days to do work because of where else my time was spent for the day, or at work. (As I'm rushing this blog post mildly before I need to get dressed)

I've probably stated somewhere before looking at different product platforms and usually it's been crossing my fingers hoping they're wix compatible. But in terms of projects, the next thing I'm putting out will be masks for hearing and sight impaired, because my mom is.

Recently it's all just hit me hard how terribly treated my mom is in public, when she's shopping or going to a doctor's office, people think she's rude because she can't hear well or see where she's going. She used to be able to read lips to make up for her sight but her sight's gotten so blurry she can't anymore.

It's straining. I worry about her eyes and she's trying to find things to keep her entertained and active through the day, but a lot of health issues interacting with each other makes doing things for a period of time straining for her.

I work at the store up the road, and when I know she's going out somewhere on her own, I hope she's treated well. I'm glad to know at stores where she locals some cashiers will know her a little better and help her out at the register. I feel irritated if my mom goes to my store and she comes back home and I hear she wasn't treated very nicely. I am lucky to have coworkers who for the most part are aware of others' families and are exceptionally kind people.

But honestly I thought a mask is such a good idea because we can read a mask to tell things about a person they might not think to express. People, since masks came into our society, have been sometimes exceptionally judgmental of people and their masks. It made the idea of mask design somewhat hard for me, because I don't want to make things without meaning- or with shallow meaning, for that matter.

Besides that, I've been off the street for probably two years now( I dunno guys, some of you with depression know at some point the internal year tracking function in your body just nope's out on you and you just forget and feel like life is a fishbowl.) So I finally ordered some more parts on my car, slapped some insurance on, and hopefully in a week or two be back on the road! I'm very excited; I'm very much about to throw money into it to make it a great lasting sleeper and I'm mostly excited to finish the inside to perfect the outside. I'll track the whole progress and learning curves as I teach myself to sand, prime and paint this car into a dream.

I am really hoping to go into a contract painting job hopefully starting as an assistant and learning the paint trade deeper than murals, so hopefully in the future, I'll have the skills to tackle and prep walls for jobs that require it. I hope someday I'll be running a business with all of my skills- digital graphics translating to physical works, designing graphics, drawing cool ideas. I guess the thing that makes me so interested in cars, in technology, in ancient animatronics, it's the same thing that makes me love art. I'm grateful and glad everyday I grew up so attached to history, art, and trying to find everything I could on anything, because it's the same feeling I get in any hobbies I take up now. Be it for the craft of it, the heart is always the core of any art, or innovation for that matter. The drive, the will, the courage to be bold and do it. It's all one working force that connects humans.

And for now, that's all folks.

Have a grand day, everybody.

(Just for funsies: a facebook friend asked if someone could photoshop their dog into the Jennifer Beal's Maniac scene in Flashdance and I gave it a whirl)

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