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Through all of my soul-crippling jobs, I always tell coworkers stories about how I used to teach paint and sip when I was 18 in high school and then I ended up leaving because I left for school. I always talk about it and never show it, so it's happening! Live! On on November 13th! It also happens to be Friday the 13th as well, so we can keep it spooky for another two weeks before its really Christmas season. I'll be hosting a little Paint 'n Chill online event that you can join in, follow and paint along if you like, or just sit back and watch. If you want to follow along, maybe grab some friends to do a low-cost at home painting party I'll post supply lists below!

I worked up an updated Spooky Kitty for the party- just a little twist on the friendly chap plastered on my Halloween shirts. If you want to take a look in the shop- I reduced ALL of the Stay Spooky series to a clearance price and I'll be having this version of him up for grabs for about 15 dollars(Keepin' it clearance because it's CLEARANCE HOLIDAY SEASON and we're here for the C l E a r A N C e Deals for next year)


•A Palette

You absolutely do not have to buy a fancy one; anything can be a palate, most people like to use paper or plastic plates. Any surface where you can cleanly and neatly mix paints.

• Rags, Paper Towels

It's gonna get messy, boys and girls, so you'll need a tool to help clean up paint, smudge stuff around your canvas, and dry your brushes off.

• A water cup

Acrylic paint dries- and it dries fast! It's going to dry like a hard plastic, so be careful! Keep your brushes wet and rinse them off for switching colors.

• Paintbrushes!

You'll need 3 brushes that is traditionally called in the painting party world, a papa bear, mama bear, and baby bear brush. I like to call them Big, Medium, and Small. A basic package of brushes you can find at the dollar stores or Michaels should do; as long as you have a couple of sizes you're good to go.

• Paint!

We're going to work with acrylic for this one, but if you want to try any different media, go for it! I am not here to limit anyone's creativity.

The colors you're gonna need :


White Orange

Yellow, if you're feelin' perky

And the one for some reason everyone is always really excited for: •The Canvas

If you're following along, you should be able to print off this image to use as a reference. If you feel you want to be a little more nitpicky, you can use this gridded version I made that fits exactly to a 16x20 canvas. You can also use a 18x24, or even something smaller.

Don't forget you can do this at home, or invite some friends(Or feel free to tune in and chat on discord!) over for a Friday the 13th painting party! I'll be painting with two of my best friends alongside me, we'll probably be playing some lo-fi. They're science majors so sometimes they don't think they can paint, so don't feel intimidated at all! Everyone is encouraged to give it a try- and if you do, I'd love to see!

When it goes live I hope everyone uses the #PaintWithRah hashtag to share what you make on instagram! It would definitely be fun to feature some cool ones, so I'd love to see what everyone makes!

Happy times getting supplies and I'll see you Friday the 13th for my first Paint With Rah/Paint N' Chill

And that's all for now!

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